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boston pops lighting
“Should I know of anyone who would need the name of a vendor in Boston (or anywhere for that matter), I would (with enthusiasm) refer JCALPRO. It is a great reflection on your company by the gear provided us, the prep, but especially your team members—the guys who pulled it off! You should be proud. We certainly were, as our client was extremely pleased with what turned out to be a successful show.”

David McDaniels
Stage Lighting Design/Direction/Production
PLS Staging
General Motors event

JCALPRO Press Coverage

Keeping safety at the forefront of our events



As a small company, started by a longtime industry rigger, it was important from the very beginning that we find something unique and important to set us apart from our much larger competitors. Rigging is still a smaller niche market within the grand and growing industry of events, but it's the area we call home. As much as we've adopted and perfected other relevant services and offerings, rigging is at the heart of everything we do...
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Top 100 Event Management Companies to Consult Way Way Way In Advance


Sparkah NYC

Well, if your last event wasn’t the smoothest ride, before convention and trade show season this year, have a talk. Consult with one of the the Top 100 Event Management Companies actually have experience in your industry. They are just a scroll wheel away…
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Working with Convention Centers and Unions


BizBash Boston Expo & Awards

Elise Bechard, vice president of operations/client relations, JCALPRO, Inc., will present at the BizBash Boston Expo & Awards, on November 10th. She will speak as part of the ELI (Event Learning Institutes) Exhibit Floor Stage Mini Education Sessions, on "Working with Convention Centers and Unions." Specifically Elise will address: Things to keep in mind prior to selecting your event dates; Money saving tips for working with union labor; Some terms and definitions that will help get you the right answers, and the most bang for your buck.
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Cutting Labor Costs


Meetings & Conventions Magazine

To save on labor and rigging costs, ask your venue contact if an event is happening in your space directly before yours. If so, you may be able to “piggyback” on the departing show by using the same vendors and keeping the same setup. Depending on how much of the pre-existing set you can use...
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Giving Back



It's a dilemma familiar to many planners at the end of a meeting or trade show: There's no doubt that somebody could use the inevitable leftovers - conference bags, snacks, pens, notebooks, product samples, even furniture - but without the right contacts and a way to transport them locally, they go straight to recycling or the trash...
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For Visual Drama, Look to Lighting Pros


Boston Sunday Globe

If it weren't for his 5-year-old daughter who adores holiday decorations, David Wilson would never touch another Christmas light again. For this professional lighting director...
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See JCALPRO Out and About in Southie Photo News


South Boston Tribune

JCALPRO staff members came out from behind the scenes to support Senator Jack Hart's St. Patrick's Day Breakfast at the MCCA and the South Boston Citizens' Association Banquet.

JCALPRO Helps Raise Funds for Haiti Relief Effort


South Boston Tribune

JCALPRO, a premier, full-service production company, specializing in labor and equipment for rigging, lighting, and a variety of production support services, announced today a $1,000 donation to support relief efforts in Haiti. A matched joint donation was also made in association with The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) and the American Library Association (ALA), which held its 2010 Midwinter Meeting at the MCCA.

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50 Ways to Trim Your Budget


Meetings & Conventions Magazine

Shrinking budgets are a fact of life for meeting professionals. In fact, they expect their meeting budgets to shrink by an average of 10 percent for 2010 vs. 2008, according to a May 2009 survey of 516 planners conducted by Ypartnership for the Professional Convention Management Association, the PCMA Education Foundation and American Express...

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Meeting Business is Showing Some Faint Signs of Life


Boston Business Journal

For many Boston hotels that rely on business meetings to keep rooms full and the books balanced, 2009 began with business every bit as dismal as it was at the end of 2008.

But already, some leaders in the meetings industry are seeing signs of improvement, with managers at customer companies starting to express more optimism about the months ahead...

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For Corporate Team-Building Event, Truss Takes a Bow



Boston—Vertex Pharmaceuticals themed their corporate team-building event "Fear and Fun, Make it Happen" and to make it happen on a budget, using the Boston Convention and Exposition Center's Grand Ballroom and Prefunction space, VDA Productions and JCALPRO assembled an interactive, motorized truss system that served as a focal point for the event.

Jimmy Callanan, JCALPRO CEO, has over 30 years...

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5 Questions for James Callanan



1. As a rigger since the 1970s, how did you make the transition to founder and business owner of Boston-based JCAL-PRO Inc.?

I started out as a rigger working on serveral types of events, movies, and rock shows, where I learned the basics and intimate detailes of the business. It wasn't long before I was able to think of things I'd do differently or at least know what needed to be done in enough situations that I felt comfortable going out on my own...

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On with the Show


Small Business

Jimmy Callanan got into the theatrical rigging business because he says he was bitten by the "entertainment bug."

The reality of the experience, however, has been less about glamour than about long hours and hard work: Managing Boston-based JCALPRO Inc. has proven to be as much of a balancing act as the hundreds of thousands of pounds of equipment he typically hoists high above the heads of event and concert goers...

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On top of stars' world in the Hub


Boston Herald

Because he's got the ultimate backstage pass — 100 feet in the air above such acts as the Rolling Stones, Kiss, Aerosmith and Madonna — Jimmy Callanan's friends assume his workday is a live blend of MTV and VH1. But to their surprise, he seldom even bothers to watch the concerts...

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