“From the complex rigging needs of the Ringling Brothers Circus, to the hundreds of rock shows and other special events which requires precision planning and absolute attention to details, James Callanan and his staff at JCALPRO, Inc. have always exceeded our expectations… We, here at ‘The Garden’, look forward to continuing our relationship with James Callanan and JCALPRO, Inc.”

Nicholas A. Langella
Sr. V.P. Arena Business and Operations
TD Banknorth Garden


JCALPRO, Inc. has contracts with the International Association of Theatrical Stagehand Employees (IATSE) Local 11 and Teamsters Local 82. We have developed a full-time, core group of riggers, teamsters, and production stagehands to complete shows of all types and sizes.

Collectively, our union employees maintain the following certifications and licenses with respect to rigging and event production services:

  • ESTA Arena Rigging
  • ESTA Electrician Certification
  • OSHA Fork Lift Operators License
  • CM Motor School Certification
  • Life Line Training Certification
  • State Aerial Lift License

In addition, JCALPRO, Inc. is a member of ESTA (the Entertainment Services and Technology Association) and all JCALPRO employees are required to read and adhere to our Rigging Safety and Procedural Manual, which is in accordance with ESTA guidelines.

Union Labor Information

  • Largest union in the entertainment industry
  • We have a group of 25 full-time, skilled IATSE laborers in the fields of rigging, lighting design, audio, video, and carpentry
  • For larger shows, our crews come from the Local 11 IATSE stagehand pool.
  • We’ve staffed many events which have required in excess of 100 stagehands per day, all the way up to over 250 people on a single call
  • Our long-standing relationship with Local 11 has allowed us to rely confidently on a vast, available pool of trained and experienced laborers, which we are able to hand- pick
  • Union employees mean that all are paid fair wages, including healthcare, unemployment, and 401k benefits; and all have years of experience in their trade
  • Our contract with Teamsters Local 82 has allowed us a level of harmony and partnership, which no other vendor can offer
  • Many of our core crew members of stagehands are card carrying members of the Teamsters; clients are offered a smooth transition from the docks to their event room, where teamster labor is required
  • We’ve established a core group of teamsters, selected based on their work ethic and experience.

Union Labor in General

Negative stereotypes are known to exist regarding union labor – we work to staff only committed, experienced individuals who enjoy what they do and are skilled in their trades.

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“We were presented with a fairly large show for that room, a ridiculous timetable, truly custom rigging requirements, interesting power issues and a concept that was in constant evolution from our client. You and your crew made it all happen… As for my firm, my first call will be to JCALPRO whenever I find myself in Boston.”

Curtis S. Dunn
Production Manager
Design One Corporation
Heineken National Distributors Conference


JCALPRO, Inc. has a comprehensive inventory of top condition rigging equipment, including 12” and 20” box truss in black and silver, as well as CM motors in addition to associated hardware and supplies. All of our equipment is tested and serviced regularly in accordance with ESTA standards.

We also carry one of the largest supplies of black encore theatrical drape on the East Coast, ranging in height from 16’ to 60’. All of our drapery is fire resistant tested and certified, is well maintained, and is in great condition!

For your event set up, JCALPRO has a range of aerial lifts – Forks, Scissors, and Articulating Booms/Condors that rent out for single day or show rates.

Lastly, JCALPRO is a great source for theatrical lighting. With a growing inventory of lighting packages, fixtures, and consoles, we can handle anything from booth lighting, to general sessions or concerts.

See the Full Equipment Inventory

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“I must tell you the experience here was nothing but positive, and I have to applaud the stagehands, teamsters, and all the talented labor provided…Our expectations of MS Tech Ed were met with a caliber of expertise and efficiency I can only praise.”

Dick Wright
Production Coordinator
Productions Support Services

Microsoft Tech Ed show

Special Services

JCALPRO offers a range of special services:

Production Management

JCALPRO, Inc. can arrange your entire event or show, from the ground up. From your theme and design, to your lighting plot and stage set, and calling your show during performances or speeches. We’ve successfully performed these ‘soup to nuts’ performances for a variety of events:

  • Teamsters #82 75th Anniversary
  • Liver Disease Gala
  • South Boston Citizens Association
  • Red Sox Foundation

Booth Design and Fabrication

Whether your exhibit takes up a 10’x10’ area, or a 200’x200’ area, JCALPRO can be your design and fabrication partner. Having vendor relationships with several local printers and design houses, JCALPRO can get you competitive rates for your signage and booth design needs, while being a one stop shop for the labor needed to set it all up! Contact us for rates and information.

Time Lapse Photography/Video

Many people like to showcase their events, and a creative way to relive your show is to see it frame by frame. Some events like to capture their set up and take down, while others use it to monitor the comings and goings of crowds and attendees. By rigging time lapse cameras from venue ceilings or other birds eye locations, you get a perspective on your event that most would never see. Upon completion, JCALPRO can have that footage compiled into a great sales video, or just as a memento of your event.

Specialized Labor

In addition to the skilled set up and production labor we offer, JCALPRO also provides several specialized positions. We have staffed the following union positions for various events:

  • Hair and Make up
  • Wardrobe
  • Teleprompter Operators
  • Spokes Models
  • PowerPoint Operators
  • Tape Operators/switchers
  • Stage Managers
  • Video/Shaders

Promotional Gear and SWAG

Gaining attention at your event and giving your clients something to keep you fresh in their minds is always important. If you need specialized items showcasing your company or event name, JCALPRO can provide those materials. With an extensive product line, and several local printing contracts to keep your product prices low, JCALPRO can handle your demands – even last minute- and have your items delivered directly to you in time for your event.

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“We have had occasion to use the services of JCALPRO to fulfill special requirements from our clients and have never been disappointed in their ability to deliver the specific items needed in a timely and cost effective manner.”

Josiah A. Spaulding Jr.
President and CEO
Citi Performing Arts Center